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GF-10 Pneumatic eyelet press
Pneumatic press GF-10 intended for the application of eyelets on cardboard, vinyl.
Equipped with optional interchangeable dies, it can apply eyelets with a diameter of 5mm to 16.2mm.
Very easy change of dies in seconds.
Equipped with a practical positioning guide.
Easy to wear, it can be used in any environment.
Impact pressure force: 1500 kg/cm².
Working pressure: 4 bar up to 8 bar
Air consumption: 0.3 liters.
Soundproof compressor (41db) not included and available as an option.
Complies with CE safety standard
0.0 EUR
GF-10B Semi Automatic Pneumatic Eyelet & Grommet Machine
Interchangeable dies setting.
Heavy duty durability.
Easy to carry.
Suitable numerous materials.
Machine body made of high quality best quality iron casting laser cutting.
Impact Press Force : 2000kg/cm² (2 tone).
Working Pressure : 4 Bar up to 8 Bar.
Air consumption : 0,3 Litre
Hand security ring Ce certificated.
GF-10-B can fasten on bench or table or mobile base with wheel.
GF-10-B can work with any small compressor (option).
Compatiable with all self piercing grommet & eyelet dies number #1.7 up to #5.5 , and big size #7.5(25mm), #8.5(30mm), #GM34(28mm), #12LN (40mm), #12SN(40mm) curtain grommets and oval 40x20 , oval 42x22 DIN oval grommet and washer all size oval grommets and 40mm DIN Truck cover 40mm eyelet and washer.
Using areas: Curtain industry, textile industry, sign banner industry, pvc industry and other related industries.
Aligment tool incluted.
Technical Specifications :
Net Weight : 21kg.
Throat Depth Dimension : 90mm.
Height Dimension : 380mm.
Width Dimension : 200mm.
Depth Dimension : 130mm.
Bottom Die adaptor hole : 9,5mm.
Top Of Die Screw : 6,35mm.
Warranty 3 years.
0.0 EUR
Printemat GF-20 Pneumatic Grommet Machine For Textiel
The GF-20 pneumatic press is particularly suitable for the application of eyelets on textiles.
Perforation and placement of the eyelet in a single operation!
It uses 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm inner diameter eyelets.
GF-20 Pneumatic Grommet Machine impact force capacity : 3 tone/1cm².
Air pressure requirement :8 Bar-100 litre minimum.
Interchangeable automatic dies settings : suitable for 50mm,40mm,30 mm,25mm inside hole diameter eyelets,grommets.
Gross weight : 51kg.
Hand guard safety system.
CE certificated.
GF-20 have wheels, you can fasten up onto table.
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