Ideal 2445 Auto Oil Deskside shredder

Innovative individual shredder with EASY-TOUCH switch and automatic lubrication for intuitive use.

Available in security level P-4 (cross cut), P-5 (cross cut), P-6 (micro fiber cut) or P-7 (Super Micro fiber cut).

The safety flap at the opening prevents fingers, ties or other objects from coming into contact with the cutting cylinders.

Intuitive use: EASY-SWITCH control with user guidance using color codes and light symbols.
The document shredder is equipped with a lightweight receptacle, which can be used with or without disposable plastic bags.
Automatic lubrication of the cutting block during destruction to ensure regular performance.
Thanks to the high energy efficiency of our shredder models, from the 2245 to the 4005 model, we are the first shredder manufacturer to have obtained the “Blue Angel” label. The energy saving function causes a “zero energy” mode on these shredder models which stops completely and no longer consumes any energy after 15 minutes.

Technical informations :

Height: 635mm
Width: 395mm
Depth: 291mm
Weight: 21kg
Opening: 240mm.
Receptacle capacity: 35 Liters

Security level: P-4:
Cutting width: 4x40mm cross cut
Capacity (70g/m² sheets): 13-15
Cutting cylinders accepting: Staples & Paperclips & Credit Cards.

Security level: P-5:
Cutting width: 2x15mm cross cut
Capacity (70g/m² sheets): 10-12
Cutting cylinders accepting: Staples & Paper clips & Credit cards

Security level: P-6:
Cutting width: 0.8x12mm Micro fiber
Capacity (70g/m² sheets): 4-6

Security level: P-7:
Cutting Width: 0.8x5mm Super Micro Fiber
Capacity (70g/m² sheets): 4-5

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