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Hohner Foldnak Compact + RoboFeeder

Fully automated BOOKLETMAKER line consisting of a RoboFeeder suction feeder, a Foldnak Compact bookletmaker and a front-trimmer. 
Used equipment in excellent condition because it has barely been used and has been fully maintained and serviced by an approved Hohner Technical Service. 
The Foldnak Compact bookletmaker switches easily and quickly from one format to another automatically. 
The versatility of the Foldnak will allow you to choose the functions of stapling booklets, blocking or simply folding in half. 
Technical informations : 
Mini sheet format : 105mm x 210mm. 
Maximum sheet size: 325mm x 450mm.
Maximum number of sheets per booklet : 25 sheets 80gsm. 
Number of stapling heads : 2, possibility of extension to 4 (option). 
Equipped with a motorized booklet reception. 
Uses standard 26/6 or 26/8S staples or Ri 26/6 eyelet staples. 
Speed ​​up to 3000 booklets/hour (depending on format). 
Dimensions : H=1480mm x W=3280mm x D=80mm. 
Total weight : 405kg. 
3 months warranty. 
Price : €9.500,00 excluding VAT.

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Riso SF-9350EII

Riso SF-9350EII A3 duplicator, used equipment in excellent condition and maintained by Riso approved technical service. 
Main technical characteristics : 
Print speed up to 150ppm. 
Printing, scanning and scanning resolution: 600x600dpi. 
Paper weight: 46gr./m² - 210gr./m². 
A4 and A3 print format. 
Color touch screen. 
Printing from a USB 2.0 key. Integrated PC interface.
Smart flatbed scanner. 
Computer network connection and USB port. 
Copy control system and user management. 
RISO iQuality SystemTM. 
Delivery with stand/cabinet. 
 6 month warranty. 
Included starter kit including 1 black ink cartridge and 1 master roll.
Price: €2,950.00 excl. VAT 
Option: A3 color drum (currently Medium Blue) at the price of 320.00 euros excluding VAT.

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FlexFold 1.1 Folding Map machine

Recent used machine in excellent general condition;
Manual folding machine for all sizes up to 1100mm X 3500mm and paper thickness from 65 to 135gr./m².
Speed: 1 fold / second.
Fold length of 21cm.
Max length of the map : 350cm.
Locking and unlocking wheel control.
Delivered on stand.
Practical: storage bin for folded plans.
Overall dimensions: L=116cm x l=55cm x H=110cm.
Weight: 42kg.
Warranty 1 year.
Price : 895,00 euros excl. vat.

Delivered not included 

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PLOCKMATIC 61 bookletmaker, used equipment. 
Machine in good general condition and maintained by approved technical service. 
The Plockmatic PL-61 bookletmaker folds and staples up to 22 sheets (80gsm paper) into A5 to A4 booklets. 
Paper formats : from 200X270mm to 305X440mm. 
Staple head capacity : 210 staples. 
Detection of absence of staples. 
The PL-61 can also perform corner and side stapling. 
Speed : 1.800 A5 booklets/hour and 1.350 A4 booklets/hour. 
Equipped with a collection tray and a mobile stand. 
Delivered with 1 box of 5000 66/6 staples. 
3 month warranty.
Price : 1.095,00 euros excl. vat.

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EVOLIS PRIMACY plastic card printer, demo machine.
Card printer, 1-sided thermal transfer (sublimation ink, 4 colors and monochrome).
Resolution : 12 pts/mm (300 dpi). 
Speed (max.) : 850 cards/hour, USB, Ethernet, included : power supply of cards (mx. 100 cards), cable (USB), power supply, power cord, cleaning kit, editing software, color red.
6 month warranty.
Price : 690.00 euros excluding VAT included 1 YMCKO color transfer ribbon for 200 prints.

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IDEAL 6550-95EP

IDEAL 6550-95EP electric paper cutter, used equipment in excellent condition. 
Guillotine with automatic press and cut.
Digital display of dimensions with precision of 1/10mm. 
Keypad for entering dimensions. 
Memory key for repetitive cuts.
EP electronic control with 99 programs of 99 positions each.
Programmable paper ejection function. 
Optical materialization of the cutting line using diodes for powerful lighting (LED). 
Adjustable rear stop with movable stops, suitable for small formats. 
Front and rear protective casings.
Technical informations :
Cutting length : 650mm.
Cutting capacity : 80mm.
Minimum cut : 25mm.
Table depth : 610mm.
Power supply: 230Volts / 50Hz.
Motor power (consumption) : 1.1kW.
Dimensions: H=1220mm x W=995mm x D=1260mm.
Weight: 304kg.
Delivered with 1 sharp reserve blade in good condition and 3 new counter-blade and with blade change kit.
Instructions for use in French, English, Dutch and German included.
3 month warranty.
Price ex-warehouses : €3.495,00 excluding VAT.

Delivered not included

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Used TC-5500 perfect binder completely reconditioned.
The TC 5500 thermal binder allows glued square spine binding of small and medium series of documents at a high production rate of up to 320 cycles per hour.
Using pneumatic clamping and nesting technology, it allows you to perfectly hold and shape the spine of your bound works (books, brochures, pads of sheets, etc.) to give them a perfect square finish.
The binding cycles are automatic (carriage departure and return), the installation of the nesting cover being carried out manually (semi-automatic process).
The TC 5500 accepts many document formats and requires no pre-setting regardless of the thickness to be bound. 
A grouting is carried out on the edge of the document to facilitate the penetration of the binding glue into the fiber of the paper, for optimal binding quality.
Gluing is carried out by a double cylinder coupled to an equalizing cylinder, for perfect application of the glue. 
The heating temperature is adjustable as is the nesting time, to adapt perfectly to the different types of paper to be bound.
Equipped with a new compressor.
Technical informations :
Minimum paper size : 60 x 100mm.
Maximum paper size : 310 x 320mm.
Binding capacity : 500 sheets 80gr./m² (50mm).
Speed : up to 320 cycles/hour.
Adjustable temperature from 100°c to 190°c.
Consumption: 1.35 Kw.
Electrical connection: 220 volts - 50Hz.
Dimensions : W=1320mm x D=550mm x H=1250mm.
Weight : 185kg.
Warranty 3 months.
Price : 4.500,00 euros excl. vat.

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Duplo DocuCutter DC-645 automatic cutting machine, used equipment. 
The Duplo DC-645 automatic cutting machine allows simultaneous creasing and cutting and is ideal for making business cards, postcards, brochures, book covers, menus, etc...
Equipped with an automatic suction feeder with barcode reading, the DC-645 can crease and cut papers weighing from 110gsm to 350gsm at a speed of up to 26 sheets/minute. 
User interchangeable cassettes offer versatile applications with a very wide range of substrates, including laminated or varnished documents..

Main technical information:
Paper dimensions from 210mmx210mm to 370mmx650mm.
 Paper weight from 110gsm to 350gsm.
Speed up to 26 sheets/minute.
 Feeder capacity: 100mm.
Cutting cassettes: six rotary cutters (two margin cutters and four central cutters).
Cutting precision: +-0.2mm (+-0.3mm for business cards).
Creasing: up to 10 creases per sheet (fold depth adjustment in three levels). Dimensions: H=1140mm x W=2140mm x D=770mm.
 Weight: 360kg.
 3 month warranty..

Price : 5.900,00€ HTVA

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IECHO DigiCut PK-6040

PK automatic intelligent cutting system adopts fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform.
Show-room machine.
Equipped with various of tools,it can quickly and precisely make through cutting,half cutting,creasing and marking. I
t is suitable for sample marking and short-run customized production for sighs, printing and packaging industries.
 It is a cost-effective smart equipment that meets all your creative processing.
Combine intelligent cutting/creasing/drawing functions-meet all your creative processing demands.
Fully automatic feeding system for more efficient production.
Cutting labels of shape.
Cutting/creasing any card board carton type.
With high-definition CCD camera, it realizes automatic and precise positioning of various materials, automatic contour cutting, solving problems such as manual positioning and printing deformation, so as to achieve simple and precise cutting purposes.
Scanning barcodes allows quick reading of cutting tasks.
Technical data :
Cutting aera : 600mm x 400mm.
Flooring aera : L=2350mm x W=900mm x H=1150mm.
Cutting tool : Universal Cutting Tool, Creasing Wheel, Kiss cut tool.
Cutting material : Car Sticker, Sticker, Vinyl, Crad paper, PP paper, reflective material.
Cutting Thickness : 2mm.
Media : Vacuum system.
Max Cutting speed : 1000mm/s.
Data format : PLT,DXF,HPGL,PDF,EPS.
Voltage : 220V-50Hz, 4kW.
Warranty 6 months. 
The machine is delivered with a laptop computer configured and ready to use.

Price : 11.850,00€ excl. vat

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WS-602 electric stitching machine equipped with two robust stapling heads from  the famous German manufacturer Hohner. Show-room machine (new).
The  WS-602 allows flat or saddle stapling.
Ajustable stapling heads spacing from 55mm to 125mm.
The WS-602 has a stapling capacity of up to 60 sheets of 80gsm.
Width of staples  : 12mm.
Uses spools of  n°26 (0,5mm) or n°28 (0,4mm) wire.
Perfectly flat spine stapling quality.
Staple length adjustement.
Speed : 75 cycles/minute.
Electric connection :  220v-50Hz - Power 200 watts.
Dimensions : H=820mm x W=600mm x D=470mm.
Weight : 58kg.
Warranty 1 year.

Delivered not included 


Price : 1.995,00€ excl. VAT

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Hot laminating or Cold laminating machine. Show-room machine.
Combined hot laminator (2x heated rollers up to 150°c.) or cold laminator for mounting.
Lamination width : up to 1650mm (65'').
Max thickness lamination : up to 13mm.
Speed : up to 5 meters/minute.
Equipped with 2 heating rollers diameter 95mm and two pressure rollers.
LCD display with temperature and speed control.
Equipped with infrared sensor.
Equipped with universal core in 57mm (2") and 76mm (3").
Pedal control. 
Dimensions : W=1940mm x D= 540mm x H=1340mm.
Weight : 160kg.
Warranty 1 year.

Price  : 3.450,00€ excl. vat

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PB 2000

PB 2000 Hot Melt machine, show-room equipment.
Motorized clamping of the bundle in the carriage and automatic departure.
Grecquing with paper dust suction.
Motorized nesting in preset regardless of the thickness of the book.
Automatic carriage return.

Technical informations :
Maximum binding length : 330mm.
Maximum binding thickness : 38mm.
Binding rate: 120 cycles/hour.
Power Supply : 220v.-50Hz.
Electric power  : 1Kw.
Dimensions : H=270mm x W=650mm x D=550mm.
Weight : 53kg.
Warranty 1 year.

Price  :  1.650,00€ excl. vat.

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Automatic laminating machine LAMI REVO OFFICE,  show-room model.
The REVO OFFICE is a fully automatic and economical laminator.
It can automatically laminate from paper feeding to cutting.
The Revo Office automatic laminator is very easy to use, it is often available for self-service in copy-shop,  business, administrations or schools.
Easy film adjustment :
Compared to ordinary automatic laminators, film setting of the REVO OFFICE is extremely easy !

Technical informations :

Paper formatsA4  and A3
Speed250 paper A4/ h.
Max. width lamination305mm
Thickness film50µ, 80µ, 100µ, 125µ
Roll film lenght100m (50µ), 50m (80µ, 100µ, 125µ)
Thickness paper60 - 160gsm/m²
Paper feeder200 paper (75g/m²)
Warming up 5 min
Number of rolls4
Power SupplyAC230V- 50Hz - P=1150W
Dimensions W=680mm x D=560mm x H=337mm

Warranty 6 months.
Price  : 2.450,00€ excl. vat

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Automatic drilling machine D-50A

Foreuse à papier automatique D-50A, matériel de show-room équipée d'une mèche de diamètre 6mm.

La foreuse D-50A est idéale dans tout environnement bureautique.
La foreuse D-50A dispose d'une descente automatique de la mèche.
Opération en une touche.
Ajustement de la marge de 4mm à 25mm. 
Table mobile avec ajustement central automatique. 

Informations techniques :
Capacité de perforation : 50mm.
Format papier max. : 350mm x 250mm.

Format papier min. : 130mm x 100mm.
Diamètre des mèches : de 3mm à  9mm.
Marge ajustable de 4mm à 25mm.
Alimentation électrique : 230Volts / 50Hz.
Dimensions : H=480mm x L=530mm x P=480mm.
Poids : 36kg.

Garantie 1 an.

Prix  : 895,00€ HTVA

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IDEAL 5221-95

Guillotine IDEAL 5221/95, used equipment in good condition and completely reconditioned by an approved technical service.
Guillotine with automatic press and electro-mechanical cut.
Cutting line lighting.
Equipped with a set of 2 side tables.
Delivery with 1x reserve used blade in good condition and sharp.
Technical informations :
Cutting length : 520mm.
Cutting depth : 520mm.
Cutting height : 80mm.
Minimum cut : 35mm.
Power supply : 230 volts/50Hz.
Motor Power : 1.1 kw.
Dimensions : H=1260mm x W=855mm (1560mm with side tables) x D=1067mm.
Weight : 262kg.
Warranty 3 months.
Price : 1.895,00 euros excl. vat. 


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