Secabo FC-100 Flatbed plotter

Secabo FC100 Flatbed Cutter with DrawCut PRO
The Secabo FC100 flatbed plotter including software is ideal for the production of small and medium-sized series productions and design samples. The free-standing unit with particularly quiet vacuum pump offers a maximum working area of 78cm x 108cm and reliably fixes the placed material on the vacuum table. The underlaid felt mat allows smooth working even with complete material diameters. As an alternative to the drag knife, two grooving and creasing tools in different sizes are included. Depending on the paper thickness, the appropriate tool is thus available to cut out objects with exact contours and to create grooves or folding edges. The multilingual cutting software DrawCut PRO and the multi-pass mark recognition system LAPOS Q are included and support professional results. The vacuum pump with acoustic enclosure and 3x drag knives 60° and 6x drag knives 45° are also included.

Multi-pass mark recognition system LAPOS Q - Precision meets performance
LAPOS Q is the fastest and most convenient sequential multi-register mark recognition system in the world. Paper, cardboard, stickers, labels and other media can be cut out to exact contours in free forms and even with the largest plots. The register marks are read in segment by segment as required, so the precision remains the same over the course of a large plot. Contour cut jobs can be read in easily by barcode.

DrawCut PRO cutting software - standard on board!
The multilingual professional cutting software DrawCut PRO for Windows is included in the scope of delivery. It not only reliably handles design and layout tasks and imports a wealth of graphic file formats, but also directs the Print&Cut applications of LAPOS Q, including the automatic generation of cutting contours and groove lines for your flatbed cutting plotter. DrawCut PRO has a unique vectorization algorithm for converting pixel graphics into path files and provides extensive text, shading and outline functions for the user.

Vacuum table for best fixation of your cutting objects
Both the FC50 and FC100 are fitted with vacuum tables as standard, which ensure that your cutting objects are securely fixed in place by means of the vacuum pumps that are also supplied. There are two different cutting supports to choose from, which provide the vacuum - depending on the application - more diffusely or with pinpoint accuracy.

echnical Data
interfaces USB
countour cutting function LAPOS Q, sequential cut marks
scope of delivery Flatbed vinyl cutter, multi-lingual cutting software DrawCut PRO (Windows), pedestal, drag knife, ball-bearing knife holder, plot pen, groove tools in two sizes, connection cable, vacuum pump with enclosure, felt mat for vacuum table, user manual in English language
max. work area 78cm x 108cm
max. thickness 1,5 mm
downforce 50g - 500g g
control back-illuminated graphic LCD display with gel buttons
Max. cutting speed 600 mm/s
Dimensions (W x D x H) 128cm x 127cm x 98cm
max. grammage 400 g/m²
weight without packaging 140 kg
weight with package 188,00 kg
Brand Secabo

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