Renz Autobind 500 HS Semi-automatic Ring Wire Binding machine

Rate: Number of bind / h: 1.600
Width: 500mm
Allows connection up to 23 mm.

RENZ RING WIRE® semi-automatic industrial punching machine with high production rate for producing notebooks, calendars and documents with divided binding.

Semi-automatic ring punching machine for producing notebooks, calendars and divided-bound documents.
Various paper sizes supported for remarkable flexibility and productivity.
Automatic ejection of the product towards a conveyor at the machine outlet.
Configuration via touch screen.
Up to 230 sheets bound together.
Horizontal paper feed for easy media loading.
Automatic crimping table.
Other option:
KAS system for forming calendar suspension rods.
The sliding stop system allows you to bind documents with larger than average dimensions.

The speeds indicated were obtained using 80 g/m2 paper, the values ​​being likely to vary depending on the type of support used, the nature of the working environment and the performance of the operator. Depending on the type and configuration of the machine.
Very ergonomic touch control screen to quickly make format adjustments.
The automated binding table presses the support and holds the bundle in place during the binding stage. The device then automatically ejects the bundle from the notebook or calendar: compared to a standard binder, you obtain 60% greater efficiency.
A set of crimping bars is required for each spiral diameter. Renz crimping bars guarantee a perfectly executed operation in all circumstances.
Conveyor at the machine outlet.
Another option: Unique in its kind, the KAS system takes straight suspension rods and gives them the desired shape according to standard or European standards. For the Autobind 500 HS model: KAS 300: straight rods 80 to 300 mm in length.

Mechanical actuation cycles / h: 2,000
Pitch: 3:1, 2:1
Binding thickness: 1 - 23 mm
Ø of the binding strip: 5.5 - 28.5 mm (3/16“ - 1 1/8“)
Min. width binding width: 60 mm
Max width binding width: 500 mm
Long. min. from the unconnected edge: 100 mm
Long. max. from the unconnected edge: 500 mm
Binding: Foot control
Diameter change time: 15 min
Format adjustment (except diameter): 1 min
Calendar Hanging Rods: Optional
Machine dimensions (L x D x H): 2,050 x 1,960 x 1,700 mm
Machine weight: 220 kg (1)
Machine dimensions (L x D x H): 1,730 x 1,230 x 1,600 mm
Weight of the machine including packaging: 385 kg (1)
Compressed air: 7.5 bar / 330 - 340 l/min
Power supply: 230V~50Hz / 0.8kW or 115V~60Hz / 0.8kW

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