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Fellowes HELIOS 60 Thermal Binding Machine
Ideal for large offices – features 1-step, worry-free thermal binding!
Binds up to 600 sheets in one step.
1-3 minute thermal binding cycle with 4-minute heat-up time
Auto document thickness detector selects thermal binding settings for the user.
HeatShield safety barrier prevents accidental contact with the heating plate.
LED control panel ensures advanced thermal binding machine is user-friendly.
Audio/visual indicators signal when machine is ready or job is complete.
Auto shut-off safety feature prevents overheating.
Folds flat for storage; for use with thermal binding covers only.
Binding Capacity : 600.
0.0 EUR
Opus Terbind Duo 500 Thermal Binding Machine
Professional desktop thermal binding equipment.
One machine for Hard, Soft & Clear covers.
Easy to use.
Paper size up to A3 Landscape.
Binds up to 500 sheets at a time.
Beeps when finished.
Supplied with mains lead and plug.
EU electrical standards approved.
Maximum format: A3 landscape.
Binds up to 500 pages 80gr./m² for soft covers and up to 80 pages for hard covers.
Automatic recognition of cover types.
Angled heater for quicker and better binding.
Photocell timer function.
LED lights.
Beeps when documents are ready.
Binding temperature: 120°C or 145°C.
Warming time: approximately 3 minutes.
Maximum power load: 600 W.
Average power load: 100 W.
AC Input: ~230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.6 A
Dimensions (H x W x D): 165 x 440 x 165mm.
Net weight: 2.7kg.
Binding time for temperature 120°C:
soft covers: approximately 90 seconds.
hard covers: approximately 180 seconds.
Binding time for temperature 145°C:
Soft covers: approximately 45 - 60 seconds.
Hard covers: approximately 90 - 120 seconds.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Metalbind EASY 120 Channel Binding Machine
Modern EASY LINE series machine for office use.
It allows to bind up to 120 sheets (80gr./m²) of paper.
Easy, solid and stable.
Thanks to the special, patented binding jaw, the channel is evenly clamped.
Features: steel frame.
colour: hot powder coated office grey.
Complete process only 5 seconds
STRONGEST : 100% no loose pages.
Product spécifications :
Maximum binding format: A3 (short side only).
Maximum number of bound pages : 120 pages 80gr./m².
Operation type: manual.
Metal housing: Yes.
Dimensions : W=458mm x D= 234mm x H=147mm.
Weight: 8.7kg.
Warranty 2 years
0.0 EUR
Binding machine OPUS Jumbo B
Manual binding equipment designed for binding documents with a plastic combs. Recommended for large offices and copy shops. Thanks to a solid metal construction, the device is very durable! Smooth mechanism for stretching combs makes the Jumbo B very comfortable to use. It is equipped with margin adjustment, format limiter, releseable knives and a large container for felling. In addition, it has a clear dimension of the thickness of the ridges. This is the successor of the highly-acclaimed JUMBO binding machine.

Specification :
Brand : OPUS
Binder type : plastic
Purpose : plastic/wire binding
Operation type : manual
Maximum format : A4
Maximum punching sheet* capacity : 25 * tests made on paper 80 g/m²
Spine type : plastic
Binding capacity (sheets)* for plastic comb : 510 (51 mm spine)
Punching specification: spine type : plastic comb
Punching specification: number of releseable knives : 21
Margin adjustment : Yes
Metal housing : yes
Adjustable backgauge : yes
Spine thickness measurement : no
Net weight : 14,20 kg
Gross weight : 15,80 kg
Height : 256 mm
Width : 400 mm
Depth : 425 mm
Feature / purpose : Manual binding machines, Office binding machines
Type of binding : Binding with plastic spines
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Opus WIRE JUMBO Electric wire binding
Binding equipment designed for binding documents with spiral-o wire binding combs. Great for large office and copy shops use.

Specification :
Brand : OPUS
Operation type : manual
Maximum format : A4
Maximum punching sheet* capacity : 25 * tests made on paper 80 g/m²
Spine type : wire
Binding capacity (sheets)* for 3:1" pitch wire : 120
Punching specification: spine type : wire 3:1" (three holes per inch)
Punching specification: number of releseable knives : 35
Margin adjustment : Yes
Metal housing : yes
Adjustable backgauge : yes
Spine thickness measurement : no
Net weight : 15,50 kg
Gross weight : 16 kg
Height : 524 mm
Width : 494 mm
Depth : 438 mm
Feature / purpose : Manual binding machines, Office binding machines, Professional binding machines
Type of binding : Wire spine binding
0.0 EUR
Metalbind ATLAS 190 Channel Metalbind Machine
The Metalbind Atlas 190 is a perfect office machine which will bind and debind documents up to 190 sheets of 80gsm paper.
With a huge range of cover styles and sizes - this solidly built machine is great for binding pre-foiled covers or corporate printed covers with amazing simplicity.
With no holes, glue or electricity you can bind a hardback book in just 10 seconds, producing remarkable results which have to be seen to be believed.
Product spécifications :
Maximum binding format: 297mm.
Maximum number of bound pages : 190 sheets 80gr./m².
Operation type: manual.
Metal housing: Yes.
Weight: 16kg.
Dimensions : W=435mm x D=320mm x H=180mm.
Warranty 2 years.
0.0 EUR
Standalone plastic comb manual closing machine for closing of plastic comb elements from ø 6 to 52 mm (1/4" - 2")

EAN 4029126230302
Article no. 38340013400
Pitch US or EUROP
Binding thickness 1 - 50 mm
Binding element Ø 6 - 52 mm
Min. binding width 10 mm
Max. binding width 340 mm
Binding operation Manual
No. of books output per hr 250
Machine dimensions L x W x H 500 x 190 x 170 mm
Machine weight 4.3 kg
Machine packing dimensions L x W x H 620 x 480 x 345 mm
Machine weight with packing 6.5 kg
0.0 EUR
RENZ WBS 360 Wire-o binding machine manual 3:1 & 2:1
Only for binding elements RENZ RING WIRE ® ø 3/16 "- 1 1/2" (5.5 to 38 mm), independent of it, working width max. 360 mm.
WBS module can be attached to the electrical punch table DTP 340 M to form a system of punching and binding which saves space.
The apparatus may be used independently.
With the construction side open, two lengths can be closed: 2 x 360 mm.
Simply snap the punch table DTP-340M & DTP-340A.
Quality "Made in Germany".
Warranty 1 year
0.0 EUR
Renz COMBI S Combined manually operated punch and binding machine
Combined manually operated punch and binding machine, up to max. size 34cm.
For more advanced requirements.
For all documents up to 24 cm (13.5") binding width.
A combined two-lever system for manual punching and binding. Adjustable margin control and disengageable punch pings for easy format adjustment.
US-pitch - 21 rings in A4.
Pages can be exchanged or added as often as required.
Opens flat and stays flat.
Ergonomic design: workflow from top to bottom.
Quality "Made in Germany".
Working width: max. 340mm.
Punching thickness: 25sheets 70gr./m² paper.
Book thickness: max. : 500sheets 80 gr./m² paper.
Binding capacity: max. 250 books/h (depending on product, logistics and operator).
Disengageable punching pins: yes.
Number of punching pins in US pitch: 34 (punches up to ~ 1,5 mm to the edge).
Adjustable margin: yes.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Fellowes ORION 500 Comb Binder
30 sheet punch capacity, 500 sheet binding capacity with a maximum comb size of 51mm.
All metal engine and body designed for traditional punch and bind operation.
21 Individual and selectable punching pins.
Fully adjustable edge guide (side margin).
5 position back margin & document measure.
Binding Capacity : 500.
Binding Element Selector : Yes
Item H x W x D (cm) : 21.40 x 40.20 x 40.40.
Item Weight (kgs) : 13.24.
Material Type : Steel.
Punching Capacity : 30 Sheets.
0.0 EUR
Printemat Mini Padder 440 Padding presses
This innovative and low cost table top padder offers a convenient, portable, and simple to use padding solution for those low volume padding needs.
Put away your bricks, blocks, and boards.
The Challenge Handy-Padder design provides a portable and compact table-top padding device for the right price.
Ease of operations turns padding service into a value-added profit center.
Lock the removable plate in place. Load up to 5" high and up to 11" x 17" sized sheets.
After loading is complete, place the clamping bar on top of your paper, then lock in the clamping plate, and then tighten the thumb screws.
Remove the plate and apply the padding compound.
The MiniPadder is just one in the line of Challenge products engineered to make your job easier.
Option : Warm Airfan.
Maximum Lift Width 17-1/2" / 44cm.
Maximum Lift Height 5" /12.7cm.
Lift Depth 4" to 11+" / 10cm to 28+cm.


Overall Width 19" / 48cm.
Overall Length 12" / 30cm.
Overall Height 9" / 23cm.
Net Weight (approximate) 15 lbs / 7kg.
0.0 EUR
GBC CombBind C250 Pro Binding machine
Binding doesn't get any simpler !
Ideal for everyday, high volume use, the robust CombBind C800Pro fully integrates the convenience of electric punching with easy manual binding.
Operated by a switch or foot pedal, it can punch up to 20 x 80gsm sheets and bind up to 450 sheets using a 51mm spine.
Selector pins allow you to adjust paper size up to A4, margin depth can also be altered.
0.0 EUR
Opus WIRE EL-JUMBO Electric Binding Machine
Electric Binding Machine Wire EL-Punch.
Robust European manufacture, it is one of the most powerful market at unbeatable value for money.
Body entirely metallic.
Perforating capacity : 20 sheets 80gr./m².
Binding Capacity : 120 sheets 80gr./m².
Dimensions : W=510mm x D=490mm x H=370mm.
Weight: 25 kg.
1 year warranty.
Complies with CE safety standards.
0.0 EUR
Renz ECO S 360 Manual Punch bookbinder Wire-o 2:1
Universal drilling machine and connect to the hand with ergonomic two-lever system and extra user-friendly features.
28 disengageable punching pins, distance to edge variably adjustable to fit perfectly to size 36cm.
With new systems Renz even untrained user will be able to make perfect binders full.
Ergonomics has been further improved so that all operations offer a very comfortable maneuvering.
For the first time in the world full binder table closes metal components up to 38mm (1 1/2 ") in diameter.
0.0 EUR
Metalbind MB 300 Channel Binding Machine
The METALBIND MB300 is the flagship of binding machines for professionals.
Solid metal construction, ergonomic lever, power pressure indicator and ability to bind and debind up to 300 sheets of 80gr./m² paper makes it the favourite model of every copy shop.
Pressure indicator for large binding runs of documents gives a signal when the correct pressure for METALBIND channel is reached to avoid damage.
10 pressure levels, angled bed for ease of use, front binding slot.
You can easily bind thesis books, photobooks, business books, e.g. tenders, reports, proposals and much more in a few seconds.
Product specification :
Maximum binding format: 297mm.
Maximum number of bound pages : 300 sheets 80gr./m².
Operation type: manual.
Metal housing: Yes.
Dimensions : W=530mm x D=320mm x H=270mm.
Weight: 19kg.
Warranty 2 years.
0.0 EUR
GBC WireBind Karo 40 Pro Binding machine
The WireBind Karo 40Pro is ideal for everyday, high volume office use.
Solid aluminium construction makes this binder both sturdy and durable.
Selector pins allow you to adjust paper size up to A4 and you can also alter the margin depth.
Up to 20 x 80gsm sheets can be punched manually, and at once, and it binds up to 125 sheets using a 14mm wire.
0.0 EUR
Renz SRW 360 Manual punching and binding machine
The universal manual punching and binding machine with the ergonomic two-lever system and easy-to-use auxiliary functions.
42 selectable punching dies, variable margin for adjusting to format perfectly, up to 36cm.
Punches up to 22 sheets (2.2mm) and binds up to 135 sheets.
Ergonomic work flow from top to botton .
Wire holder for binding elements .
Comfortable and easy inserting of the pages when binding.
Best cutting pressure ratio.
Thanks to its modular construction, the SRW 360 can be upgraded with an electric drive, creating an electric punch and manual closing machine.
Compact, strong construction.
Quality "Made in Germany".
0.0 EUR
Professional JUMBO EL electric hole puncher perfectly suited for large volumes for the office or Copy-services.
Punch pedal for hands-free operation.
Adjustable paper stop.
Adjustable margin depth (4 positions).
Large capacity confetti drawer.
Robust cast aluminum body.
Stainless steel punching and binding mechanism.
Technical characteristics :
Punching capacity: 25 sheets 70gr./m².
Binding capacity: 450mm.
All punches are disengageable.
Dimensions: L=400mm x D=425mm x H=256mm.
Weight: 17.2kg.
1 year warranty.
Complies with CE safety standards.
Tiroir à confettis grande capacité.
Carrosserie robuste en fonte d’aluminium.
Mécanisme de perforation et de reliure en acier inoxydable.
Caractéristiques techniques :
Capacité de perforation : 25 feuilles 70gr./m².
Capacité de reliure : 450mm.
Tous les poinçons sont débrayables.
Dimensions : L=400mm x P=425mm x H=256mm.
Poids : 17,2kg.
Garantie 1 an.
Conforme aux normes de sécurité CE.
0.0 EUR
OPUS PROFI EL-PUNCH Electrical Perforating machine
Professional multisystem modular binding equipment.
Electric, foot drive, good efficiency – up to 25 sheets of paper (80 gr./m²).
Available 9 interchangeable punching modules.
It takes up little space and can replace existing traditional punching equipment for wire and plastic binding.
Operation type : electric.
Metal housing : Yes.
Adjustable backgauge : Yes.
Dimensions : W=436mm x d=219mm x H=401mm.
Weight : 30kg.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Printemat TG PRESS MAN Manual Press Book
Manual nipping machine made in stainless steel, it is operated by hand wheel at fix height. The machine is strong and precise. Suitable for books, album, menu etc.

Technical date:
Maximum force can reach up to 500x450mm.
Inlet width: 500x450mm.
Max height: 500mm.
Working tables size: 515x450mm.

- Overall dimensions: 600x500x1000mm
- Weight: 110kg
0.0 EUR