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Secabo TS7 Swing away heat press
Secabo TS7 swing away heat press
With its convenient automatic swing mechanism, the new and optimized Secabo TS7 transfer press offers a particularly large working area for convenient alignment of the transfer objects. The generous base plate measuring 40cm x 50cm is arranged in portrait format, which makes it even easier to position the objects to be transferred precisely. The automatic opening and automatic swinging open of the TS7 press after the transfer process allow comfortable and even more flexible working. The Secabo TS7 is suitable for all known hot transfer processes and can therefore be used in almost all areas of transfer technology.Automatic openingMuch space under the base plateComprehensive accessories availableHigh heating power and good heat distributionNote for interchangeable plates and adapters:Smaller interchangeable plates are available separately (8x12cm, 12x38xm, 15x15cm, 20x30cm) and only in combination with the Secabo interchangeable plate quick changer for TS7 (Art.No. 109.505.17)!For the optional base plate 38cm x 38cm (Art.No. 109.505.40) as well as the original heating plate, the adapter for base plate and S.-W. Secabo TC5, TS7 (Art.No. 109.505.30) is required!

Technical Data
dimensions 64cm x 70cm x 58cm
working area 40cm x 50cm
scope of delivery heat press, power cord, english manual
pressure setting Height adjustment base plate
max. downforce 170 g/cm²
max temperature 225 °C
maximum time preset 999 s
power supply AC 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 1.8kW
environment +5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% relative humidity
weight without packaging 75,00 kg
weight with package 91,00 kg
Brand Secabo
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With the Rinak electric stapler, booklet and edge stapling is fast and easy.
The Rinak is ideal for offices, schools, copy shops and printhouses with mainly small-volume jobs.
The table can be tilted to change from flat to saddle stapling.
The variable paper stop ensures an accurate staple spacing, which is particularly important when loop staples are used.
Staples can be reloaded easily, just by opening the magazine towards the front.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
OL-440 Automatic 3 belts Letter Opener

The OL-440 opens letters with the cutting technology. Advantages compared to the slitting technology: Reliable opening, also of different envelope thickness, from the very left to the very right edge.
The variable cutting width adjustment allows exact opening, also for well filled envelopes.
The model OL-440, equipped with a third feeding belt, is suitable for bigger envelopes like C4 oder B4.
A solution paying off with around 80 envelopes per day and more!
Big feeding tray with automatic, self adjusting feeding of the envelopes.
3 feeding belts.
Handling also mixed sizes of incoming mail.
Envelope thickness up to 10mm.
Opening technology: Cutting.
Variable adjustment of the cutting width between 0,8 and 4,0mm.
Separate stacking of envelopes and waste disposal.
Speed: up to 420 letters/minute.
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Round Cornering Stago ESM 20
Corner Rounder professional angle up to A3.
Cutting thickness: 40mm maximum (400 sheets 80gr.)
Adjustable side guides for accurate position papers to cut corners.
Knives available: R3, 5/R7/R10/R12/R15/R20.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Neolt Rolls Holder stand 165
Neolt Roll Holder 165.
Stand Roll holder, configurable up to 16 reels of 165cm (8 ready to use + 8 in stand by).
Cutting system kit (optional) with bi-directional cutting head.
Meter counter (optional);
Easily moved stand on selflocking wheels.
Order your materials in maximum security.
Extractable and adjustable depth roll holders with double flange for fixing materials on supports.
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GMP PROSYNC 650 R4 Pouch Laminator A1
Designed for Hot & Cold Laminating Mounting, Transfer
Clam shell type roll coverings for easy of cleaning and maintenance Elegant look & solid design.
Efficient Cooling System supports high speed laminating
Sophisticated Roller assures perfect laminating of any type of films
Precise temperature via internally heated rolls with temperature control via infrared non-contact sensors.
Precise and Solid Diecasting inner structure assures long time operation.
Laminating without warming up time through GMP Synchro Control System any paper or film thickness can be laminated by step control of temperature & speed at once.
Easy step setting of temperature & speed as following film thickness.
Easy Operation : Pre-set key according to the type of operation.
Safe Operation : Cooling fan assures stable.
Save Expense : Turn over of Stand-by mode after one idle hour, Sources of Electricity off after two idle hours and power down after 30 minutes Elegant look & solid design.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
SKYLAM 720D Pouch Laminator A1 High volumes
Pouch laminating A5 - A1
Foot Pedal for 720D only
Stand (* Option)
Dual LCD System
Actual Working Time Checking
Air Cooling Fan
Memory Function
Auto Power Off Function
Emergency Stop Switch
Side Cutters (2)
End Cutter (1)
Made in Korea
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Papierboormachine STAGO PB1006 S
Avec la foreuse électrique Stago PB-1006S, perforez sans efforts des liasses jusqu'à 400 feuilles !
Une solution confortable pour toutes les perforations que vous ne pouvez pas réaliser avec une perforeuse manuelle classique.
Un modèle très utilisé dans les administrations, banques, petites imprimeries, ateliers...
Perforeuse électrique à descente manuelle à 1 tête de perforation.
Tabulateur programmé.
Barre de programmation prévue pour perforations : 80mm, 80-80-80mm et 45-65-45mm.
Table mobile permettant la perforation de 1 à 4 trous.
Butées latérales(2) permettant un taquage parfait des liasses.
Forets de 2 à 8mm de diamètre.
Capacité de perforation : 40mm.
Utilisation simple et sécurisée.
Maintenance réduite.
Dimensions : L=510mm x P=450mm x H=360mm.
Poids : 21kg.
Conforme aux normes de sécurité CE.
Garantie 1 an.
0.0 EUR
Royal Sovereign RSL-382S
All in one digital finisher at an affordable price.
Mouting, hot and cold lamination.
Ideal machine for the small digital printer and photoshop.
Mouting up to 6mm.
Digital temperature and speed control.
Chain driven synchronized take up device.
Single sided lamination possible (also OPP film).
De-Curling device.
Large film roll capacity (up to 200mm diametre).
Hot & Cold laminating.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Stago PR-43S Paper Jogger A3
Only an accurately jogged paper stack can be processed with precision.
STAGO Paper Joggers are equipped with perfectly coordinated cushioning elements.
Infinitely adjustable vibrating power, a variable stopper for fixing different sized stacks of paper up to DIN A3 and table model or stand model versions are the benefits of an original STAGO Paper Jogger. The robust paper joggers are essential helpers in all processing steps for printed products.
Table size : 400mm x 510mm.
Paper size : up to A3.
Capacity : up to 800 sheets 80gr./m².
Variable jogging force : yes, electronic.
Table angle variable.
Versionen stand.
Working height stand : 480 - 800mm.
Machine dimensions : 540 x 410 x 950mm.
Weight : 20,5 kg.
Power supply : 230V / 50Hz.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Cyklos CFM-600 Folding machine A3
Very efficient machine for paper folding up to A3 size.
Easily manipulated unit allowing users to make as much as 6 types of folds.
Compared to smaller CFM 500 is CFM 600 equipped with many useful features such as missing paper indicator, fine adjustment stops, etc.
Heavy duty metal construction
Automatic friction feed system.
Self adjusting to paper thickness.
Simple adjustment for paper size.
Fine adjustments of stops.
Load up to 300 sheets.
Missing paper indicator.
Variable speed control.
Easy to use.
0.0 EUR
FlexFold 1.1 Folding Map A0
Manual folding machine for all sizes up to 1100mm X 3500mm and paper thickness from 65 to 135gr./m².
Speed: 1 fold / second.
Fold length of 21cm.
Max length of the map : 350cm.
Locking and unlocking wheel control.
Delivered on stand.
Practical: storage bin for folded plans.
Overall dimensions: L=116cm x l=55cm x H=110cm.
Weight: 42kg.
Excellent quality / price ratio of robust European manufacture.
3 years warranty.
0.0 EUR
SINUS EASY Folding Map A0
The basis of the manual plan folder!
Descendant of the market pioneer (Sinus 1221), the Sinus Easy is a refined version of its big sister
World-renowned build and folding quality
Sinus has remained the benchmark in plan folding for over 40 years
Your plans or documents folded in a few moments in A4 format.
1 fold per second
10 times faster than manual folding
Useful width of the tops of 115 cm
Maximum plan length of 350 cm
Maximum weight from 70 to 150 g/m2
A4 folding tray
Disengagement of the mechanism by a large handle under the folder which can be operated by hand or with the operator's leg when engaging the document
Introductory mat in two parts to facilitate the release of the plan
The Sinus Easy plan folder is built on the fundamentals that have made the Sinus 1221 successful for many years. Delivered without A4 folding tray and a 3-year parts and MO warranty, workshop return, this folder is accessible with a contained budget.

Folding width (cm): 115
Maximum length of the plan (cm): 350
Weight (kg): 45
Machine dimension (l x d x h): 1250 x 600 x 1010
Paper weight: 70 to 150 g/m²
Warranty: 3 years
0.0 EUR
Corner rounder OMM VICKING 1
The machine is constructed of cast iron, in a single block.
The worktable and the brackets are made of aluminum.
System work, with descent of the head by hand lever is extremely simple.
The machine offers various employment opportunities: rounding corners, straight cut, perforation, etc.. on all kinds of materials.
All the tools contained in the "A" may be mounted on the machine and are available in series. Other tools can be made on request.
It is possible at any time to turn the model VICKING.
0.0 EUR
SKY LAM 380 Super Dual
Combined laminating PET, BOPP and gilding, extra capacity, performance and security (to prevent accidents and overheating): these machines have everything to meet the needs of professional excellence !
They are perfect for stunning affiches advertising, posters, visual decorations salons, shops, etc.
For more efficiency, they have the added bonus of the side cutters to cut the plasticized documents, a ventilation system for cooling and a drive control pedal.
SKY LAM 380 Dual offers the most used format for plasticized cation continuously.
Sleeking Laminating.
PET & BOPP Laminating rolls.
Special Core Unit 3 sizes, (25, 58 and 76mm) in one unit.
Dual LCD system.
End Cutter.
Two Infrared Sensor.
Technical specifications :
Max. Laminating Width : 350mm.
Max. Laminating Speed : 4,6m./min.
Max. Laminating Thickness : 13mm.
Heating System : Heating roller internal heater.
Quantity of Roller : 4.
Temperature Control : yes.
Speed Control : yes.
Display LCD.
Preheating Time : 8min.
Power Supply AC 230, 240v (50/60Hz).
Power Consumption : 1,550 watts.
Dimension : W=700mm x D=460mm x H=272mm.
Weight : 55kgs.
Operation Temperature : 0-150.
CE certificated.
Warranty 2 years.
0.0 EUR
SINUS Folding Map A0
The market pioneer, the one and only Sinus.
World-renowned build and folding quality.
Sinus has been the benchmark for folding plans for over 40 years.
Your plans or documents folded in a few moments in A4 format.
1 fold per second.
10 times faster than manual folding.
Useful width of the tops of 115cm.
Maximum length of the tops of 250cm.
Maximum weight from 70 to 150gr./m².
The mechanism is disengaged by a pedal which frees the operator's hands (hands or legs) when the document is engaged.
Two-piece infeed mat to make it easier to clear the plan.
Dimensions : W=1250mm x D=600mm x H=1010mm.
Weight : 32kg.
10 year warranty (Back to manufactory).
Complies with CE safety standards.
0.0 EUR
Secabo TS7 SMART Swing away heat press
Secabo TS7 SMART
The professional device for high-end applications at the highest level - The TS7 SMART swing-away heat press by Secabo is THE professional device for garment finishing at the highest level and the first heat press by Secabo Made in Germany. The professional device has a modular structure and thus presents you with an optimal basis for creating your fully individualized “workhorse”. With its comfortable automatic swinging mechanism, the Secabo TS7 heat press offers a large workspace for comfortable placement of transfer objects. The spacious base plate with a size of 40cm × 50cm is arranged in portrait mode, further simplifying the precise positioning of the transfer objects. Transfer objects with a height of up to 100mm are easy to work with thanks to the press head's tall adjustment range and can be pressed with a maximum contact pressure of up to 250g/cm2. Regardless of whether you want to press work trousers, gym bags or hoodies, the large adjustment range ensures a great level of flexibility. With its swiveling angle of 110° allows the operator to work in a pleasant working position. The TS7 SMART's swivel direction can be set to the right or to the left, thus ensuring that the heat press perfectly fits within just about any production environment. The automatic opening and automatic swinging of the TS7 SMART swing-away heat press upon transfers makes your work easier and ensures a smooth workflow. The Secabo TS7 Smart is suitable for all known heat transfer methods and can be used in all areas of transfer technology. As is to be expected from Secabo, the TS7 SMART is exceptionally user-friendly and can also be operated by novice users. The device is provided with digital controller that allows precise setting of a temperature of up to 225 °C and a pressing time of up to 999s for the transfer. As is the case with all TC SMART series products from Secabo, the TS7 SMART features a Bluetooth interface which, along with the Secabo SMART Transfer App, offers complete instructions for multi-stage transfer and many other great features. The TS7 SMART heat press is compatible with the Softheat heat plate SH7 and/or the Thermobase TB7, quick-change systems, exchangeable base plates and the slide extension as well as other accessories from Secabo.

Intelligent display functions and intuitive control concept
Our SMART models are equipped with new electronics that were developed on the basis of Secabo's extensive industry know-how and are "Made in Europe". In addition to known settings, such as temperature and time, the range of functions has been extended to include settings for pre-pressing, a counting function, sleep and auto-off mode, 10 memory locations for transfer parameters, and many other features. The control concept has been completely reworked to further improve press handling for the user - the rotary push button and the large display are significant contributions to this.

Secabo app for a precise and efficient workflow
The completely redesigned Secabo app is a free feature for all SMART heat presses and their accessories. It is a huge information pool for laymen as well as professionals - most manufacturer information is readily available for use directly via the Secabo app, and you'll also find values that were tested and verified by Secabo for many types of media. A major advantage of the Secabo app are the simple instructions for complex multi-stage transfer processes. In addition to time and temperature, various pressure settings can also be differentiated. The combination with small base plates and thus extremely high contact pressure achieves dramatically short transfer times, which have so far never been indicated by a manufacturer of heat presses or transfer media. Given an established Bluetooth connection, the app can automatically push the selected settings to the press. With the Secabo app, several SMART heat presses can also be selected and controlled via a mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet or even via a laptop. We also make the entire know-how of our Secabo app available to you offline, so that a constant internet connection is not necessary for the app to work.

State-of-the-art design and even more possibilities
The TS7 SMART convinces with a new intelligent design and construction. In the selection of the processed components, attention was paid to high-quality materials and surfaces. With Secabo's many years of know-how and manufacturing in Germany, we offer the best quality here. Due to the working area of 40 x 50 cm and the large adjustment range of the press head, processing of large-area textiles and high transfer objects up to 70mm is possible!

Fantastic combination options
The TS7 SMART features a modular design that optionally allows for quick and easy equipping with replaceable base plates of various formats, with a quick-change system and with a slide extension. Particularly noteworthy is the ability of expansion with the SH7 Softheat heat plate in combination with the heated TB7 base plate, both of which are absolutely new innovations. This combination offers enormous simplification as well as improvement in quality and process reliability, especially with multi-stage transfers.

Technical Data
Working area size: 40cm x 50cm
Adjustment of the Max. Object height: 70mm
Swivel angle: 110 °, opening to the right or left possible
Max. temperature: 225 °C
Max. contact pressure: 250 g / cm ²
Max. preset time: 999 s
Pressure setting: Height-adjustment of the heat plate via hand wheel
Power supply: AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 2kW
Environment: +5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% relative humidity
Dimensions with pedestal extension: W: 596 mm x D:1070 mm H:854 mm
Items included: heat press, power cord, english manual
Optional: Quick change system, exchangeable base plates, slide extension, heated base plate TB7, Softheat heat plate SH7
weight without packaging 64,00 kg
weight with package 72,00 kg
Brand Secabo
0.0 EUR
Stago PR-432S Jogger A2
Only an accurately jogged paper stack can be processed with precision.
STAGO Paper Joggers are equipped with perfectly coordinated cushioning elements.
Infinitely adjustable vibrating power, a variable stopper for fixing different sized stacks of paper up to DIN A2 and table model or stand model versions are the benefits of an original STAGO Paper Jogger. The robust paper joggers are esssential helpers in all processing steps for printed products.
Table size : 650mm x 450mm.
Paper size : up to A2.
Capacity : up to 800 sheets (80mm, 80g paper).
Variable jogging force : yes / electronic.
Table angle variable.
Versionen stand.
Working height stand : 480 - 800mm.
Machine dimensions : 540mm x 410mm x 950mm.
Weight : 26kg.
Power supply : 230V / 50Hz, 115V / 60Hz.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Nietmachine STAGO HM 6 BS

The little all-rounder among STAGO staplers is ideal for professional use in offices, law firms, schools, government agencies and copy shops.
The Stago HM-6 is characterised by its ease of use.
The conversion of the stop table between the flat stapler and saddle stapler takes a few steps and is quickly and easily possible even for inexperienced users.
Freely adjustable stops ensure an accurate, repeatable stapling position.
For a perfect stapling result without annoying marks, the stapling force can be finely adjusted via a dial.
For longer runs, the HM 6/2 model with twin stapling heads and a fixed staple clearance of 80mm is suitable (binder dimension). Perfect for booklet making with loop staples in one working step.
Customised solutions can also be implemented inexpensively on the basis of the HM-6.
0.0 EUR
Hefter TF MEGA-M Plus Folding Machine A3
Folding machine TF MEGA-M plus
Forms from A6 up to A3 – 7 fold types incl. cross fold
The TF MEGA-M plus is the practical and inexpensive solution with regard to versatile applications in the office, in mail rooms or copy shops.
Highlights of the folding machine TF Mega-M plus
Paper forms from A6 up to A3
7 fold types: single, Z-, wrap, double parallel, door, engineering and cross fold
Variable speed (3 levels): Max. speed 14.400 sheets/ h
2 Fold plates with fold type quick and fine adjustment
Fold plates with self explaining fold type scale
Adjustable pressure to the feeded paper
Paper weights: 50 - 160 g/ m2
Fine adjustment of the fold parallelity
"Paper-out" and jam control
Double sheet control
Display with 4 digit job counter and status information
Adjustable conveyor stacker
High performance at a reasonable price
This folding machine offers any standard fold type - even cross fold in two steps. The adjustments are done quickly with the help of the graphic and symbols on both fold plates. Additionally, an exact fine adjustment can be made - if necessary.

For processing different paper weights trouble free, the pressure to the feeded paper can also be adjusted.

Even the integrated conveyor stacker is adjustable to various paper sizes and fold types. It has a capacity of up to 300 sheets.
0.0 EUR