Combined folder/cutter A0 COSINUS PLUS

Combined plan cutter/folder
2 in 1 machine freeing up space in your offices or workshops
A SINUS PLUS folding machine underneath
A reinforced cutter measuring 130 cm above
Assistance in lifting the cutter by 2 pneumatic cylinders
Colored front and rear covers: colors to be defined
Customization of the front cover: contact us
Your plans or documents folded in just a few moments to a constant width of 21 cm.
1 folds per second
10 times faster than manual folding
Useful width of the tops 115 cm
Paper weight from 70 to 150g/m²
Disengagement of the knee mechanism completely freeing the operator's hands
Introductory mat in two parts to facilitate the release of the plan
Our folders are designed for very long use
High-performance steel and composite mechanism
Useful folding width (cm): 115
Maximum length of the plan (cm): 350
Paper weight: 70 to 150 g/m²
Useful cutting width (cm): 130
maximum cutting thickness (mm): 1.2
Machine dimension (l x d x h/h): 1510 x 720 x 1200 / 1550 mm
Weight (kg): 86
Warranty: 10 years

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