Combined folder/cutter A0 Rowe POWERCOSINUS EVO

Electric folding machine A0 and manual cutting machine.
Just over 1m² on the ground !
Powercosinus® Evo is the most compact planetary / planer bending machine on the market.
Powercosinus® Evo has a simple and user-friendly control panel for folding.
8 programs for the folding of the longitudinal plane (1st ply), of which 2 are customizable.
4 programs for the folding of the transverse plane (2nd ply), of which 2 are customizable.
Automatic folding: once the plane is in place, the folder manages everything itself.
A manual cutter 130cm gooseneck laid on top rail.
Working width: 1300mm.
Thickness of cut: 0.8mm.
Useful folding width: 960mm.
Useful folding length: 2.5m (1st fold) / 1.5m (2nd fold).
Folding speed: 12m / min. (> 9 A0 / min.)
Paper weight: 60 to 110 gr.m².
Folding mode First ply : 8 programs with or without margins including 2 customizable.
Fashion folding 2nd fold : 4 programs including 2 customizable.
Sound level: <60dB
Rear paper output.
Warranty 1 year.

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