Light Tables EMME QSA

Architect light tables with telescopic adjustment in elevation and inclination and manual locking. Grapholux worktop can be adjusted in horizontal or tilted position, and in all intermediate positions. Architect light table with Grapholux worktop is designed to be used also with drafting machine. Architect light table is the best solution for art, design and architecture schools. Architect light table can be used in sit or stand position. We suggest our drafting stools for a professional ergonomic workstation.

Grapholux worktops are designed with aluminum structure, plastic corners, glass top. Tracing surface illuminated by LED lamps, according to the size of the worktop. The electrical system is designed according to the CE guidelines, 220/240V, 50Hz.

Available in different sizes :
-M074/406 : 53x73cm (4x8W LED)
-M079/407 : 73x103cm (4x13W LED)
-M079/410 : 85x130cm (5x19W LED)
-M079/411 : 102x162cm (6x21W LED)

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