NEOLT XY MATIC TRIM PLUS Wall Paper 165 / 210 Automatic Cutting Machine

Main features :
LCD Touch Screen display with intuitive and easy-to-use software
Wallpaper automatic vertical alignment
Marks reading sensor
Self-identification and marks learning
X&Y axis adjustable speed
Excellent visibility of the cutting area
Pneumatic Pinch Roll with silent compressor inside the machine
Up to 10 vertical cutting units
Double loading roll
Tower Light
New alignment system of vertical cutting units
Open vertical cutting edges (no paper jam)
Monolithic machine body
Plug & Play
Standard jumbo Roll holder max, diameter 400 mm
Up to 20 Personalized Memories
Pneumatic system to separate the cutting waste

Optionals :
Vertical single pneumatic cutting unit (max 10)
Double central pneumatic cutting unit
Vertical cutting guide laser
Table extension for copy collection
Motorized stacker with air blade
Automatic table for copy collection
New Fixed table for copy collection stacker edition

Materials :
Paper (laminated or encapsulated)
Canvas & Polyester (with liner)
Reflective material
PVC banner
Vinyl & Self-adhesive vinyl
Backlit & frontlit display
Magnetic rubber
Polycarbonate in film
Special materials to be tested

Width : 1650 mm
Cutting thickness : X axis : 1,2 mm max Y axis : 1 mm max
Speed Advancement : 1-50 m/minute
Cutting unit max : 10 vertical unit
Horizontal cutting speed : 1-150 m/minute
Power sup : 230V - 50Hz - 650W
Maximum roll capacity wallpaper : 70 kg

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