Ouvre-Lettres professionnel OL-1000 Plus


Automatic letter opener OL 1000 plus
The perfect and professional way of opening your incoming mail
The OL 1000 plus opens your incoming mail automatically, quick and safely: The envelope is milled completely on the long edge without touching the content. You won't have any sharp edges.

Your mixed mail of up to 12 mm each will be opened perfectly and reliable. The OL 1000 plus is suitable for high volumes of incoming mail (up to 40.000 envelopes/h).

Its compact construction (letter opener, conveyor stacker and cabinet) allow an optimal, rational and space saving operation.

Highlights of the automatic letter opener OL 1000 plus
Large feeding tray with automatic, self adjusting feeding station for envelopes
Reliable opening of a mixture of envelope sizes
Envelope thickness up to 12 mm
Opening technology: Milling technique for highest security of the envelope content
No sharp edges at the envelope after milling
Adjustable milling depth (0 - 3 mm)
Integrated conveyor stacker
Counter for incoming mails as well as for outgoing mails (switch for opening/non opening)
Pre-counter/counter (optional)
Speed: up to 40.000 envelopes/ h

Processing envelopes quick, secure and versatile!
Processing incoming mail with the OL 1000 plus "in its best form":

Enter the envelopes - also a mixture of envelope sizes, without pre-sorting
Press start button
Take off the opened and stacked envelopes at the end of the conveyor belt. If the counting funciton is active, the individual letters are still counted for e.g. assigning the internal costs
This counting function of the HEFTER Systemform OL 1000 plus can also be helpful for processing outgoing mails.

In addition it's also applicable for precounting/count down counting (optional) to find out the number of envelopes having been opened. The function "opening the envelopes" can be switched off. This is useful for e.g.:

Your finished outgoing mail is given to an external service provider
or you work as a service provider yourself

Technical data & downloads of the automatic letter opener OL 1000 plus
Technical specifications OL 1000 plus
Important technical data: OL 1000 plus
Max. envelope thickness: up to 12 mm
Weight: 111 kg
Speed: max. up to 40.000 envelopes/h
Dimensions: 114 x 53 x 147 cm
Power supply: 220 -240 V / 50 Hz

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