Superfax SF-600A Creasing -microperforating machine

The Superfax SF-600A is a suction automatic paper into digital indentation machine, product design according to the various conditions of indentation in the industry, for the plate printing tailor-made multifunctional processing equipment, mainly for high weight, double-sided film, electrostatic large paper and design.Its main characteristics are as follows:
Creasing speed 4500 sheets per hour for A4.
The professional design and manufacture of indentation die durable, high precision servo motor and control system to ensure the precision and quality of indentation.
Adopt suction type automatic paper feeding, can put a total height of about 70mm paper at one time, reduce the workload of personnel.
No need to make template, can complete all kinds of dotted line, indentation line, plastic or riding on the cover of the film indentation, but also suitable for a variety of other applications.
The SF-600A can handle products ranging from 65×135mm wide (optional) to 330×1000mm long pull-out products.
Technical specifications :
Paper Feeding System : Feed suction system.
Paper Size Minimum : 140x140mm.
Paper Size Maximum : 330x660mm.
Paper Weight : 70gr./m² - 400gr./m².
Capacity of paper feed : 70mm.
Speed : adjustable to 4500 paper/hour.
Counter addition or subtraction with auto-repeat.
Operation Touch Screen Display.
Number of creasing/perforating per sheet : 0-32.
Adjustment of blowing and suction air volume : Adjustable.
Power Supply : 220v - 50Hz - 360W.
Dimensions : W=1280mm x D=600mm x H=465mm.
Weight : 50kg.
Warranty 1 year.

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