Riso SF-9390 Duplicator A3


RISO SF 9390 digital duplicator offers exceptional print quality at unrivalled maximum print speed and incredibly low cost, enabling easy and efficient large volume printing.
It reproduces photographs and text with remarkable image quality and, in addition to enhanced environmental features, incorporates a variety of improved print functions.
The RISO SF 9390 is a sophisticated monochrome digital duplicator that combines versatility and productivity enhancing features with excellent image reproduction.
In addition to an adjustable five-speed function for printing between 60 and 130 pages per minute, the RISO SF 9390 digital duplicator had a high speed mode that prints at a maximum of 190 pages per minute.
A variety of documents, including meeting handouts and marketing and promotional material, can be printed in a speedy and efficient manner regardless of the required paper size.
This upgraded model boasts outstanding performance designed to meet diverse business printing needs.
In addition to security features, the RISO SF 9390 digital duplicator is equipped with numerous functions, such as printing directly from a USB flash drive, that make it extremely versatile and enhance the ease of printing.
The RISO SF 9390 digital duplicator both scans and prints information at a high resolution level of 600 dpi, producing sharp and clear images of even fine lines and small characters.
Moreover, it can reproduce subtle colour gradations enabling users to print clear copies of photos, shaded areas of images, and documents writing using a pencil
Unique technology enables the reproduction of uniform solid images
The RISO SF 9390 model adopts a pre-suction mechanism in which air is passed between the paper and the print drum (cylinder) to suck the paper in a downward direction, thus separating it instantaneously from the drum before it is output.
This original technology allows the ink to be transferred uniformly to the paper to produce clear images.
Print speed: up to 190ppm.
Paper format : A4/A3.
Scanning and printing image resolution : 600dpi x 600dpi.
Print paper weight: 46 gsm - 210gsm.
RISO iQuality SystemTM.

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