Office Stapler ST-70

Automatic stapling, easy operation, effortless, time-saving, adjustable stapling depth (only with working table), optional: working table for single or double machines.
*Photo and video show ST-50. The appearance of ST-50 and ST-70 are similar. The differences between two models are the stapling capacity, stapling heads inside the machine bodies, and the staple cartridges they use.
Suitable for offices.

Stapling Capacity : 70 sheets (70gsm)
Staple Type : Staple Cartridge for ST-70
Stapling Speed : 120 Staples / min.
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 135x188x135mm
Power supply : 230V/50Hz 115V/60Hz
Weight : 1.53kg
Staple Cartridge for ST-70 : 5000 staples / cartridge, 3 cartridges / box
Optional - Working Table.

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