Nietmachine STAGO HM 15

The Stago HM-15 and HM-15/2 are the staple professionals among the STAGO staplers.
They combine versatility, efficiency, and robustness.
Designed for professional continuous use.
With a stapling capacity of up to 17 mm with one or twin stapling heads, they are the reference for the bench models.
Using a few simple hand movements, the support table can be converted between a flat and saddle stapler.
Staple front loading and a large staple cartridge allows for efficient operation even for small runs.
With the fully automatic stapling force adjustment and the active clenchers, perfect stapling results are a breeze.
The ability to process additional staple loops complete our range of bestsellers.
For longer runs, the HM 15/2 model with twin stapling heads and a fixed staple clearance of 80 mm (folder dimension) is suitable. Perfect for booklet making with loop staples in one working step.

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