Automatic banding machine on stand + top press Sunpack WK 04-30BP

Automatic wrapper on stand + Sunpack WK04-30BP upper press.
Equipped with a touch screen and very easy to use, it is one of the fastest of its generation.
Equipped with a counter.
Minimum dimensions of supports to be strapped: 30mm x 10mm.
Maximum dimensions of supports to be strapped: 400mm x 180mm.
Width of strapping bands: 29.2 - 29.6mm.
Fully automatic machine.
Strapping tension adjustable from 5 to 40N.
Strapping speed: 20 cycles/min.
Banner rolls up to 800 meters long in white or brown kraft paper or transaprent polypropylene (PP).
Trigger modes: with push button or automatic by cell or by pedal.
Dimensions: L=607mm x D=347mm x H=1220mm.
Weight: 75kg.
Electrical connection 220 volts - 50/60Hz.
Electric power 450 watts.
Complies with CE safety standards.

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