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Secabo Dispenser
Practical dispenser for bubble- and wrinkle-free rolling of transfer film and application tape.
Width: 35 or 61cm.
Due to the special design of the apptape-dispenser, roles can also be applied with greater widths.
Two holes on the front allow easy bolting to a work table.
Made in Germany.
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GF-104 Eyelet Hand Press
Robust eyelet press for the visual (tarpaulin, banner ...) and also for laying on various textiles.
Unbeatable value for money!
Optional interchangeable setting machine (dies) for laying different diameters of eyelets.
The GF-104 press uses self-piercing eyelets available in several internal diameters: 5mm - 8mm - 9.2mm - 11.6mm - 15.2mm and 16.2mm.
The GF-104 press also uses "All in one" eyelets for laying on textiles available in internal diameters from 25mm to 60mm.
Aligment tool (in option) perfect for precise spacing between two eyelets.
Number of head: 1.
Manual command.
Table model.
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Round seat EMME M347
Round seat Beech stool with 5-spoke chromed base.
Integrated chrome plated steel foot ring gas-lift or screw to raise/lower seat.
Height adjustement :
-48-60 Screw
-62-74 Screw
-45-58 Gas lift
-60-85 Gas lift
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Cyklos - Euro Puch EP-35
La perforatrice EP 35, réalise une découpe sous forme de trou oblong permettant de suspendre un carton blister à un rayonnage.
Norme trou Europe.
Capacité de perforation max. 1,5mm dans le carton.
Dimensions L=300mm x P=250mm x H=92mm.
Poids :3kg.
Conforme aux normes de sécurité CE.
Garantie 2 ans.
0.0 EUR
Printemat Punch 230
Perforateur manuel à forte capacité à 2 trous PUNCH 230.
Capacité de perforation : environ 300 feuilles 80gr./m².
Distance de perfo à partir de la marge : de 7mm à 20mm.
Utilise des mèches de 3mm à 6mm.
Ecartement entre 2 mèches : fixe à 80mm.
Dimensions : L=180mm x P=350mm x H=230mm.
Poids : 5,5kg.
Le perforateur est de livré de série avec 2 mèches diamètre 6mm.
Garantie 1 an.
Conforme aux normas de sécurité CE.
0.0 EUR
Secabo BP
Inexpensive and sturdy button press with a practical quick tool-change mechanism for manufacture of various buttons and pins.
This machine's scope of delivery merely includes the preparatory unit for the tool elements.
Tools for 25mm, 50mm, 37mm and 75mm, oval and rectangular buttons are sold separately.
Make professional badges with only a few strokes - simple and safe.
All badge tools are exchangeable, so other badge mould can be replaced very cost effective.
0.0 EUR
Royal Sovereign APL-230 Pouch Laminator A4
Office Pouch Laminators APL-230.
4 roller system
Easy to use controls
Automatic cooling down.
Speed : 520mm/min.
Accepts hot film up to 250µ.
Cold lamination possible.
Warranty 2 years.
0.0 EUR
Drafting stool EMME M345
Drafting stool with 5-spoke chromed base, wooden seat and backrest (beech).
Gas-lift or screw to raise/lower seat.
Seat/backrest bar made of tubular painted steel.

Height adjustement :
-48-60 Screw
-62-74 Screw
-45-58 Gas lift
-60-85 Gas lift
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Cutting machine with interchangeable tools to round the corners, bevel angles, puncture, cut or trim tabs notches for calendar hooks, 10mm cutting capacity (100 sheets 80gr paper).
Supplied with angle guides and a tool of choice. Feeder tabs option.
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Wire roll file carts M603
Metal wire cabinet for roll files and storage baskets for storing blueprints, drawings, poster tubes and rolls of paper. Metal wire structure, bins help to sort and organize rolls.

Castored wire roll files cart, screw and polymer joints.
Dimensions : 44x42x66h cm
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Secabo Emporte-pièce Multifunctional Punching Press for Buttons
Multifunction punch press, compatible with the punches for 25mm, 37mm, 50mm and 75mm, as well as oval and rectangular buttons.
The punch press can hold up to 10 sheets and punch at the same time. Delivery is without punch
0.0 EUR
Cyklos - Corner Rounder UCR-9
Basic but efficient tool for document corner rounding.
Equipped with 3 exchangeable cutting knives of 6, 9 and 12mm radius.
RADIUS : 6mm,9mm & 12mm.
MIN. PAPER SIZE : 50mm x 90mm.
DIMENSIONS : 300mm x 250mm x 92mm.
WEIGHT : 3,2kg.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Rollstand PLYWOOD
Wood stand roll holder for 11 rolls - core 76mm
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Round seat EMME M350FA
Classic drafting stools.
Round seat beech stool with 5 spoke chromed base.
Adjustable foot ring.
Demountable structure designed to reduce volumes in international shipments. Tested by CATAS lab.

Option : castors (set of 5)
Adjustable height : 54-78cm
0.0 EUR
Heat Press SECABO TC1 15x15
Secabo TC1 transfer press 15cm x 15cm
The TC1 heat press from Secabo has a working surface of 15 x 15 cm. This makes it perfect for textile finishing, e.g. for emblems, patches, iron-on pictures, branding or product labeling. The TC1 is lightweight and very compact, making it just right for mobile use at events. Our "little one" is also ideal as an inexpensive entry-level model. The TC1 masters transfers on hard-to-reach areas, it presses specifically where it is desired and necessary. This prevents resublimation and dye migration in particular. The plate heats up quickly and has a low energy consumption. As usual from Secabo, the TC1 is easy and can be operated even by beginners. The large opening angle allows transfer objects to be conveniently prepared on the base plate. Time and temperature for the transfer can be precisely preselected on the digital controller. The contact pressure is set by handwheel. Closing the press lever starts the pressing process.

TC1 The smart "little one
The TC1 is designed to optimally press patches, logos, emblems, iron-on images and product labels. Cumbersome placement of textiles when applying small motifs is therefore history! Thanks to its compact size and low weight, the little one can also be transported anywhere, making it the perfect companion at trade shows or other events.

Heat marks and dye migration are history
Another big advantage of the 15cm x 15cm small TC1 is that heat marks on the textile are prevented, as only the absolutely necessary part is heated. This also protects the textile from resublimation and dye migration.

Digital controller and intuitive control concept
With the TC1, Secabo has the right transfer press for entry-level textile finishing and other transfer techniques. The time and temperature of the transfer can be preselected on the digital controller. After the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds.

Contact pressure very easy to regulate
The pressing pressure is easily adjusted via a handwheel on the top of the heating plate. The pressing process is started by closing the pressing lever.

Precise temperature distribution
The high-quality heat plate ensures an exact temperature distribution over the entire heating surface.

Safe working
The safety and quality of this device is constantly monitored - according to German safety standards.

Large workspace
Large workspace
Due to the large folding angle of 40°, the transfer objects can be aligned comfortably and precisely.

Variable work pressure
The work pressure is easy to adjust - in each case matching the transfer object and procedure.
Digital controller
Duration and temperature can easily be adjusted and monitored using the digital controller.
Compact dimensions
Low space consumption and low weight enable mobile use.
0.0 EUR
Secabo TM1 Mug Heat Transfer Press
Secabo TM1 mug press
The TM1 cup press by Secabo is ideal for conveniently performing sublimation transfers on ceramic cups and similar objects. The Secabo TM1 transfer press is suitable for beginners as well as for professional users and can be operated quickly and safely with its digital controller. The contact pressure can be easily adjusted via a handwheel. Optionally, there are 3 different heating elements - also in conical design - available. Included in delivery is the cup press Secabo TM1, including a heating sleeve for cups with 75-90mm diameter (heating elements are wear parts). We also recommend turning on the mug press for actual use only and not heat it continuously.

Technical Data
dimensions 32cm x 21cm x 30cm
max. mug height 12 cm
max. cup diameter 7,5cm to 8,5cm
scope of delivery mug press, power cord, english manual
max temperature 225 °C
maximum time preset 999 s
power supply 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 300W
environment +5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% humidity
weight without packaging 6,00 kg
weight with package 7,00 kg
Brand Secabo
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Drafting chair EMME M355FA
Classic drafting stools.
Demountable structure designed to reduce volumes in international shipments. Tested by CATAS lab.

Drafting stool with 5 spoke chromed base.
Wooden seat and backrest (beech).
Adjustable foot ring.
Seat/backrest bars made of tubular chromed steel.
Adjustable height : 47-78cm
Option : Castors (set of 5).
0.0 EUR
SKY 325R4 Pouch Laminator A3
② heating rollers + ② cooling rollers
Air Cooling Fan
Stand By Function
Auto Power Off Function
Micom System
Control Panel
Rounded Teeth Metal Gear
Teflon Coated Bush
Made in Korea
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Drafting tables EMME Mini Architetto
Mini-Architect school tables are the best solution for art, design and architecture schools. Mini-Architect school tables are adjustable in inclination and elevation with telescopic system and manual brake. Worktop can be adjusted in horizontal or tilted position, and in all intermediate positions. We suggest our stools and chairs for a professional ergonomic workstation.

Available sizes : 60x78cm - 75x105cm
Max slope : about 30°
Min horizontal height : 72cm
Max horizontal height : 105cm
Option : Book shelf
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Cyklos Metallic Mobile Table MB-70
Serves best as a base for heavy duty machines GPM 450 SA, GPM 450, C PRESS 440 and others. Implemented shelves for paper storage.

Parameters :
DIMENSIONS : 590 x 415 x 700 mm
PACKING SIZE : 600 x 640 x 110 mm
WEIGHT : nett 17 kg, gross 19 kg
0.0 EUR