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Lami Revo Any Automatic Laminator + 2 side trim
Comapct size that fits ANYwhere.
Easy film setting for ANYone.
Simple operation for ANY job required.
Feeding, Laminating, Cutting & Trimming are fully automated.
Press the start button and walk away.
With the cassette-lamination method, the lamination film setting work has become much easier, also it helps lamination edges aligned.
Possible to easily clean the inside by using the "Cover-Open Function".
Max. laminating width A3(305mm)
Max.Substrate thickness 50 / 80 / 100 / 125μ(exclusive film)*¹
Max. speed 750mm/min
Laminating temperature 90℃~120℃(Variable type)
Power requirement / consumption 【UL】 AC100V
【CE】 AC230V
External dimensions[W×D×H](mm) 630*² ×525×280
Weight 25kg
Available paper thickness 64 - 160g/㎡
Warm-up time 7minutes(approx)*³
Size of paper used 【UL】
Vertical: Ledger, Legal, Letter
Horizontal : Letter
Vertical SRA3, A3, A4, A5, B4, B5
Horizontal : A4, A5, B5
*1 Only authorized Revo Film can be used.
*2 Exclude output tray.
*3 Depends on the environment.
*UL … For the United States
*CE … For Europe, Asia, and other countries
0.0 EUR
Lami Revo Office Automatic Laminator + 2 side trim
Lami Revo is "Economical Full Automatic Laminator" Lami Revo can do laminating from feeding papers to cutting automatically.
Compared to regular automatic-laminator,film setting of Lami Revo is extremely easy !
Possible easy inside clean by dopting "Cover open fuction".
Specification :
Max. laminating width : 305mm
Max. speed : 1.0m/min (Fixed)
Power requirements : AC230V
Power consumption : 1150 Watt
Width : 680mm.
Depth : 506mm.
Height : 337mm.
Weight : 30kg.
Warranty 1 year.
0.0 EUR
Lami Revo-T14 Automatic Laminator + 2 side trim
Full-Auto operated laminator Lami Revo-14T.
Auto feeding, Auto sheet cut, auto counting setting, custom border size.
Overwhelming productivity
High productivity, save time and labor cost, save power comsumption, no rejection due to human error.
Japanese quality assurance.
5 minutes fast warm up time.
Easy " inside cleaning" design.
Can load upto 300pcs papers.
Support max substrate upto 160grams thickness.
Both metal & heater rollers in used to ensure the best laminating quality.
Variety choice of sizes, films and finishing.
Made in Korea quality films.
Support A4 till A3 with Unlimitted length.
Available in 50µ, 80µ, 100µ & 125µ films.
Available in glossy, matt et Soft Touch Matt finishing.
Optional B4 & B5 shaft is available.
Max. laminating width : 305mm
Max. substrate thickness : 160gr./m².
Max. speed : 1.6m/min. (Fixed)
Processing temperature Room : temp.~120°;
Power requirements : 230V.
Power consumption : 1150 Watt.
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Lami Revo Flex Automatic Laminator + 4 side trim
Fully Automatic Laminator with 4 Side Trim Function
With Revo-Flex, you can easily select With/No Margin, also the various functions can
make documents more expressive and suitable for any situation.
Feeding, Laminating, Cutting & Trimming are fully automated.
Press the start button and walk away.
4 Side Trim Function
Long-awaited new feature of Revo Series.
Side slitters are equipped, it can be With-Margin or No-Margin lamination.
LCD touch panel makes any setting intuitive and easy.
Possible to easily clean the inside by using the "Cover-Open Function".
Max. laminating width 320mm
Max.Substrate thickness 38/80/100/150μ(exclusive film)*¹
Max. speed 700~2,000mm/min (variable type)
Laminating temperature OFF、80~140℃
Power requirement / consumption 【UL】AC100V 50/60Hz 1000W
External dimensions[W×D×H](mm) 1,300 × 610 × 1,080
(With stand, feeder tray, extension tray, stacker)
Weight 70kg
Feeder tray capacity 200 Sheets (copy paper)
Available paper thickness 64 - 240g/m2
Warm-up time 5minutes(approx.)*²
Size of paper used A3/A4/A5/B4/B5/Letter/Digital
Finished size*³ With-Margin
*1 Only authorized Revo Film can be used.
*2 When set to 100℃(212℉) . Depends on the environment.
*3 Error range: ±0.5mm (W,H)
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D&K - Comet Automatic laminator
The Comet will strengthen the D&K range of encapsulation machines and has been developed with the Trade Encapsulator and Card Market in mind.
The Comet benefits from being modular in construction and its adjustable height makes it fully compatible with a range of feeders and cutters
The 260mm diameter Teflon coated pre-heat rollers make for scratch free results and the large 75mm diameter heated nip rollers, with advanced rubber compound, give maximum heat transfer for higher running speeds
Amongst its many features the Comet has PLC control with modem link to enable remote diagnostics, swing out mandrels for easy film loading, pneumatic operation of all rollers to allow differing pressures on nip and pull rollers and ample cooling with variable speed fans, which only operates in start mode to save energy
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