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Electric creaser OMM MARINER 2
Electric creasing & perforating machine OMM Mariner 2.
This machine has the same features as model MARINER but it is
motor operated.
Both models allow to execute linear perforation like stamp or other
shapes perforations according to the requested tool.
An optional creasing comb may be supplied.
Potenza motore
Motor power 2kw.
Electrical connection Single Phase;
Work flat size : 680 x 590mm.
Drilling thickness : 0,5-0,8mm.
Packing dimensions : 76 x 30 x 46cm.
Net weight : 64Kg.
Warranty 2 years.
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Electric creaser OMM Voyager
This machine is manufactured in cast iron and the base is in
pressed steel.
Working light : 75cm.
It is fixed on ball bearings with self-lubricating bushes that require
minimum service.
The base in stamped plate is demountable and easy to be
reassembled to reduce transport and packing charges.
This machine is equipped with graduated side gauge and longitudinal
An optional creasing comb and other tools for different perforations
may be supplied.
All machines are supplied with the standard comb for perforation
like stamp.
If requested, the machine can be supplied with different
tools for executing other perforations.
Motor power : HP 0,6.
Work flat size : 840 x 760mm.
Electrical connection 3 Phase 380 Volts Triphase.
Drilling thickness 0,5-0,8 mm.
Packing dimensions : 100 x 66 x 120cm.
Net weight : 140kg.
Warranty 1 year.
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